Three Common Reasons a HVAC Repair Service in Mechanicsburg Is Needed

Having your HVAC system stop working can make for a long, cold evening in the winter or early spring. While most problems can be prevented with regular maintenance, not all problems can be foreseen when the system is inspected. Here are three common HVAC problems which can cause your system to not work.

Blown Fuse

If your air conditioner isn’t working, it may be because a fuse was blown. The fuses in a HVAC system prevent the unit from becoming overheated if there is a problem with the unit. One of the first things a HVAC repair service in Mechanicsburg will do is look at the fuses to see if one has blown, and if it has, they will replace it to get the system running again.

Bad Contactor

Each HVAC unit has three contactors, one for the fan motor, one for the blower motor, and one for the compressor. Since they all work together, if one of them is bad, then the system will not heat or cool your home effectively. You will need to call a HVAC repair service to inspect the system to find out why it isn’t working well.

Bad Capacitor

Your HVAC system has two capacitors to keep it running. The start capacitor provides extra torque to the system to get it started. Similarly, the run capacitor provides extra power to keep the system running efficiently, so if your air conditioner won’t start or isn’t running correctly, contact NB Mechanical Services about having a technician repair your system.

Along with not heating or cooling your house effectively, problems with a HVAC system could also increase your energy costs because the system isn’t working correctly. If you notice your energy costs are increasing or your system isn’t working well, call a HVAC repair service to inspect and fix the problem. Click here for more details about the best HVAC repair service in Mechanicsburg.

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