Things You Likely Didn’t Know About Pontoon Boats in Gainesville, GA

If you are familiar with boating, it’s likely you have encountered a pontoon boat. These are flat boats that float on the the top of the water. They are often used when a large surface area, or deck, is needed. When it comes to pontoons, there are many different options available. Find out more about why pontoon boats are useful.

The Basics About Pontoons

Pontoon boats, also known as tubes, are known for having a lot of reserve buoyancy. The drafts are likely to be more shallow than traditional boats. For example, on the typical pontoon, you will likely find an 8-inch draft. The purpose of these shallow drafts is to prevent water from seeping over the ledges. It also serves to prevent water damage on the bottom surface of the boat. This is the basic structure of pontoon boats for sale Gainesville.

There are a few different designs when it comes to the way a pontoon boat looks. First, there is the catamaran style pontoon. This is a multi-hulled boat that uses two equally sized parallel hulls. Due to this special shape, the boats tend to be a lot more stable on the water. The second type of pontoon is called a tri-toon. This is also a multi-hulled model that has three different hulls. The type of pontoon you end up buying will depend on your needs.

Inflatable Versions

There are also pontoons that can be inflated. These are usually smaller sized models that are suitable for two people. Most of the inflatable pontoon boats for sale Gainesville are made out of durable plastic materials. You are likely to find boats made of nylon and aluminum or PVC. Some inflatable models are also manufactured without frames to make transportation easier. These types of pontoons are commonly used by fisherman or those that boat for recreation.

Making the Decision to Buy

A pontoon boat is a great investment if you think you will be hitting the waterways soon. Not only are they more cost-effective than larger boats, they are also easy to store. Some people even opt for larger models to use as houseboats. There’s a chance you can find a pontoon for almost any purpose!

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