Things to Look for Before Calling for Garage Door Roller Replacement in Charleston WV

by | Jan 7, 2016 | Garage Door Supplier

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Garage doors are some of the heaviest equipment in a home, but it should not take an extraordinary effort to get them open and closed. When a garage door requires significant effort to raise or lower, homeowners can hire a garage door repair company to check one or all of the items on the list below.


A garage door’s springs are designed to handle most of the tasks involved in opening and closing, but they can break. When springs are broken, the door is much harder to use. However, some hard-to-open doors are a result of loose springs. This problem usually gets worse over time, and it can be detected by manually opening the door halfway. If it stays up, call a professional.


A fraying or damaged cable can prevent the door from working as it should. Examine the door’s cables carefully, and if the damage is seen, call in a pro for repairs. Delaying service on damaged cables can lead to a sudden snap, which can cause injury and property damage.


Functional rollers are a must for smooth garage door opening. However, rollers gradually wear out and require Garage Door Roller Replacement in Charleston WV. This job should be done by a licensed professional; as should lubrication with a good quality lubricating oil.

Damaged Parts

A home’s garage door can stand up to years of use and abuse, but it will eventually need replacement. If the home’s door has sustained damage, that could prevent it from working properly. A door that’s misshapen or dented won’t open or close normally; if that’s the case, the door may need to be replaced by Garage Door Operators Inc.


The tracks upon which rollers sit can also become damaged over the years. Crooked or broken tracks can make a door hard to raise and lower. These tracks can become separated from their mountings, causing serious damage. Hire a professional to check the tracks from top to bottom, looking for loose areas and broken spots.


A damaged or broken hinge can keep a garage door from working correctly. Damaged hinges should be replaced promptly, and hinges should be lubricated frequently with the same oil that’s used on the rollers.

Call in a pro if help is needed with Garage Door Roller Replacement in Charleston WV or lubrication.

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