Things to Consider When Investing in a Generator for Your Business

by | Sep 23, 2016 | Business

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A generator can keep a business running even during unexpected power outages, so it can definitely pay off to get one for your own company. However, you need to consider a few things before you go out and purchase the model that works for you.

Find Out Everything You Can About Properly Operating One

You might need to look into any codes your rental building may have when it comes to generator use. It is always best to run a generator the way manufacturers intended for them to be used, too. Don’t be afraid to ask the person selling you the generator as many questions as you can think of so that you can make the best use of your unit.

Make Sure the Unit You Are Buying is Safe

While portable generators are cheaper and can come in handy, they tend to run on gas. This means you could be emitting a lot of carbon monoxide into the air, which could put you, your employees, and your customers or clients at risk. Make sure you do not turn them on indoors, as it can even be fatal. Don’t forget to use heavy duty extension cords to prevent motor burnout.

Consider the Amount of Noise It Would Make

If your business is located close to a residential area, the people living there may not appreciate the loud noises that your generator will undoubtedly make. To prevent any disturbances, it would be best to opt for an automatic standby model like those by Mighty Quip. According to Triple Pundit, standby models tend to run much more quietly than most portable units do.

There are plenty more factors that you have to consider before investing in a generator, but these are good places for you to start. Don’t rush into buying just any unit, as they can be costly investments.

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