The Transition From Elementary to Middle School

As your child gets ready to graduate from elementary school and transition to one of your local middle schools, you may both wonder about the differences between the two. Your child will find that the daily structure and the expectations are different when leaving elementary school.

One of the biggest changes from elementary school to middle school is the transition from having a single classroom and single teacher to changing classes and having a different teacher for each subject. Most children enjoy this change, and it has a great impact on preparing your child for more school responsibility.

Managing multiple teachers, assignments, and subjects requires your child to get organized. Each night, when your child comes home, he will have different requirements for every class. This change allows for more independence but can be a bit overwhelming for some children. Most schools ease children into this responsibility by helping them at the beginning of the year and providing resources, like planners, to help them as well. Still, it’s important to watch for signs of struggle and be ready to help.

As much as possible, however, you should let your child navigate the changes of middle school on his own. The independence and responsibility he is learning now will be critical in high school and college.

Middle school is like a warm-up for high school. The structure of the day and the classroom requirements allow your child to grow in independence so that they are ready for high school when their grades and activities will determine their college prospects.

Don’t hesitate to voice any concerns you have with your child’s middle school teachers and administration if you sense problems. But, rest assured, Garland Middle Schools are well prepared to help your child transition to more independent learning.

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