The Specifics of Dental Bridges in Marlborough, MA

If you have missing teeth, you have a few options for replacing them. The best options tend to be dental bridges or dental implants. A bridge is one of the least intrusive forms of dental replacement.

An implant, however, involves making an incision in your gums and planting an anchor, wherein a replacement tooth or teeth will be screwed. The implant process involves an incision, some local anesthetic, and some pain. If you want a pain-free process, you should consider a bridge.

Emergency Bridges

A bridge is also great for an emergency, and an emergency dentist can fit you with a bridge fairly easily. Dental bridges in Marlborough, MA are designed to look and feel like your natural teeth. They’re typically used to fill in a space with several missing teeth. Unlike an implant that involves an incision, the bridge is a group of false teeth that are then anchored to your natural teeth on either side.

The Assabet Dental Group dentists perform dozens of bridges. They are quick and easy to place and involve very little pain.

Very Little Pain

Dental bridges involve very little pain. Unlike other dental procedures, they don’t involve drilling or cutting. The dentist might have to shave away some of your enamel on your natural teeth, as that allows them to better adhere the bridge to the original teeth. The natural teeth will be roughed up slightly by the dentist, but roughing up the teeth allows the adhesive to adhere more tightly. Click here for more details.

You need to hire a great dentist to help you with your bridge. Your bridge will need to act like your natural teeth, which means you’ll need to be able to eat and drink with your bridges. Only a great dentist can do that. You should consider many different options to replace your missing teeth.

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