The Simple Benefits of Being Cremated by a Funeral Home in Lake County

For thousands of years, a traditional burial was really the only choice when you passed away. However, more and more people are making the choice to use cremation funeral homes near me. There are many reasons why this is so.

Low Cost

Compared to burials, cremation is significantly cheaper. At a rate of 50% cheaper in most cases, it is easy to see why cremation is becoming more popular. Two main reasons for this are the elimination of a casket and headstone. While these can still be chosen, they are definitely not necessary at Lake County funeral homes.

Green Option

There are toxic chemicals involved in the burial process. The body is preserved with harsh chemicals that present the risk of leaching into the ground after the body is buried. When cremation takes place, while there are emissions, they are dramatically reduced at cremation funeral homes near me.

Simple Process

Traditional burials are generally accompanied by funeral services which can become complicated quickly. Many families are still grieving and would prefer not to have to deal with these stressful situations. Lake County funeral homes offer cremation services that make things much simpler.

Cemetery Space

When it comes to land, they aren’t exactly making any more. This includes room for plots at the cemetery. Since cremated remains take up far less space than a full casket and vault, it is much easier to get into a cemetery.

If you are interested in cremation, please contact Monreal Funeral Home/Monreal Srnick Funerals & Cremations today.

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