The Risks Associated With Exposure To Diesel Exhaust

by | May 23, 2017 | Lawyers and Attorneys

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Diesel fuel is used to power trains, buses, trucks, boats and more, the exhaust that these engines emit is a deadly mixture of gases and infinitely small particles that become airborne. The gases are known to contain harmful toxins that are also found in cigarettes, the smoke from which is known to cause cancer.

Diesel engine exhaust contains numerous dangerous chemicals including sulfur dioxide, benzene, sulphuric acid, cadmium, arsenic etc.

What is stomach cancer?

Stomach cancer is actually gastric cancer, about 95 percent of stomach cancers start in the tissue that composes the stomach lining. The causes of stomach cancer are not yet well defined but it is known that exposure to smoke, asbestos, diesel exhaust are causes and people working in the railroad industry, coal, rubber, etc are high risk.

Health effects of diesel exhaust exposure:

Although diesel fumes are part of our everyday life, those that work with and around diesel powered machinery and vehicles are a far greater risk of becoming ill than typical pedestrians. Short term exposure to diesel exhaust can cause excessive coughing and mucus in the throat and exacerbation of allergies and asthma. Long term exposure can cause lung, bladder, kidney, pancreatic and stomach cancer. Railroad workers are especially prone to the carcinogens found in diesel fuel and as such often turn to a stomach cancer lawyer to help them get the compensation they deserve.

Suing for compensation:

Railroad workers in particular are subjected to a number of known carcinogens in their workplace. Benzene, chemicals, solvents and diesel exhaust are but a few examples. Often diseases, such as stomach cancer, can go undiagnosed in early stages when it can be tackled, the result is serious injury or in many cases, death. The Federal Employers Liability Act provides protection for railroad workers injured on the job, these people have the right to hire a stomach cancer lawyer and sue for compensation.

There are numerous risks associated with working in industries where there is a high concentration of diesel fumes, one of which is stomach cancer. To purse a claim you will need an experienced stomach cancer lawyer; you are invited to contact Diesel Injury Law for details or visit their website

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