The Pros And Costs Of Home Casting Quality Cast Lead Bullets

When it comes to choosing and shooting ammunition, there are really three different options. One is to use the pre-formed bullets and simply add the components to create the ammunition. Another option is to produce your own cast lead bullets from raw material. The third option is to buy quality lead bullets that are manufactured and ready to use.

Each one of these options has its pros and cons, with the hard cast lead bullets purchased ready to use the most convenient. Of course, this means choosing a quality manufacturer the produces uniformly shaped and loaded ammunition. Cheap ammunition, even when purchased ready to use, is never a good deal.

The option of using a kit-like system to reload cast lead bullets is also an option. It is important to make sure the bullet casings are in pristine condition as even slight damage to the casing can impact accuracy.

Casting Your Own

One way that many gun owners use to control the quality of the cast lead bullets they have is to cast their own. This allows for full control over the casings as well as the reload process. This is particularly important for hunters where accuracy is critical, as well as for competitive shooters that participate in events with cast-alloy bullets.

When casting your own bullets, the quality of lead alloy is critical. Hard cast bullets are typically made from a standard alloy that will include lead, antimony and tin. The exact percentages in the alloy will vary by manufacturer, but the top alloys usually contain 92% lead, 6% antimony, and 2% tin.

There is the option to use salvage lead, which is often found in old wheel weights. The problem with this option is the lack of control over the alloy percentages, which can lead to inferior castings that can contribute to barrel fouling and other issues.

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