The Pros And Cons Of Painted Cement Floors

by | Nov 21, 2015 | Business

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An unfinished concrete floor is not only unsightly, it is difficult to clean and to keep clean; these problems can be rectified when you bring in a painter in San Antonio. Pleasantly painted concrete floors are not expensive but are considered a home upgrade that will pay for itself many times over, this is especially true when the floors to be painted are more than the garage or basement which are nothing but places to store things or park the car. A high quality paint job not only improves the aesthetics of the floor, the paint has a tendency to cover imperfections such as stains and hair line cracks. It may sound like a simple task but homeowners are well advised to consider having the task done by a professional painter in San Antonio.

Painting a concrete floor is a simple way of improving the looks of a room; this is appealing when the area is going to serve as a bedroom, home office or den; any room other than the garage that will be used frequently. With a painted floor the homeowner is free to customize the surface so the finished results are anything that he or she wants. In the event the house is offered for sale in the future, painted floors are far more appealing than bare concrete; this appeal often results in a higher price for the home.

Although adding color is perhaps the most important benefit of painting a concrete floor, the paint also has a tendency to hide any imperfections. Once painted, especially in a darker color, stains disappear; a painted surface also helps to ensure that further staining will not take place. If the homeowner elects a lighter color and the painted surface does stain it can often be removed far easier that would be possible on a bare concrete floor or carpet. In addition to hiding stains, small surface cracks can often be hidden by the paint, this eliminates the step of filling the crack prior to painting.

Painting a concrete floor is not easy for a homeowner to do without help; this is the primary reason why a professional painter in San Antonio should be hired. Depending on the condition of the floor, there may be considerable preparatory work required as the floor must first be free of all oil and grease as well as large surface imperfections. In some cases the floor has to be etched with acid, a professional painter has the necessary protective masks and garments to do this safely.

If you have a bare concrete floor in your home and you want the room to look fresher and brighter, there is no better way than to hire a painter in San Antonio who is skilled at dealing with this type of surface. You are invited to contact Shaw Company Remodeling.

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