The Process of Becoming a Real Estate Agent in Utah

If you are considering the possibility of becoming a real estate agent in Utah, you’re in luck. Utah real estate licensing is simple and straightforward compared to other states. However, you are going to need to devote a large amount of time to go through the required curriculum. In this article, we’ll look at the details associated with the process, so you know what you’re looking at when making this decision.

Basic Requirements

There are a handful of requirements that are mandatory for those who are interested in gaining a real estate license in Utah. You must be at least 18 years old. You need to have your high school diploma or your GED. You have to be a United States citizen or a legal immigrant. You will also be required to undergo a background check. If these requirements are not met, you will be unable to move forward with the process.

Pre-Licensing Course

The course required for pre-licensing is 120 hours, which is one of the longest in the country. The good news is that you will be educated and informed on many aspects of real estate by the time you get your license. You will learn about federal laws, Utah laws, property appraisal, property valuation, and much more. There are many options for Utah real estate licensing, both in person and online. Click here to know more.

Pre-Licensing Exam

The exam you must pass to become an agent is composed of 130 questions which are multiple-choice. The exam must be completed within four hours. Most exams are offered by Pearson Vue and require the use of a computer. You can take the exam in Ogden, Draper, or other testing locations. The price of the exam is $66, and you will pay that at your time of reservation.

Licensing Fee

Once you’ve passed the exam, all you need to do is pay your licensing fee. Once you shell out 152 dollars, you receive a real estate license. At that point, it’s up to you where you go and what you do. As a real estate agent, your journey is entirely your own.

Get Licensed in Utah

The Institute of Real Estate Education offers many courses both in person and online. We provide broker licensing courses, sales agents pre-licensing courses, and more. You can find out more about our curriculum by visiting our website at

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