The Other Areas That Physical Therapy in Topeka, KS Treat

by | Mar 2, 2016 | Physical Therapy

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If you have hurt your limbs, such as a shoulder strain or injured your knees, the chances are you will require physical therapy before you can return to your normal activities. The main goal of physical therapy is to get the injured patient restored to functional movement again, simultaneously removing pain, or helping the patient to manage pain. However, there are other areas that physical therapy treats. A clinic that does Physical Therapy Topeka KS uses other methods along with physical therapy for the benefit of giving the patients maximum restoration to their bodies. Some of these other methods include chiropractic and conventional medicine.

A physical therapist can help patients alleviate headaches. Addressing the various types of headaches, such as migraines and cluster headaches, physical therapy can be employed to use manual massage techniques to relieve headaches. The techniques will help loosen muscles and decrease the stress and tension that causes the headaches. Physical therapists can also help with incontinence. The physical therapist can help strengthen those muscles which contribute to incontinence. This can be very beneficial for women who experience incontinence more often than men.

Physical therapy has also been used in recent times to treat the long term ramifications of concussions. Some of the symptoms associated with concussions are vertigo, headaches and a loss of coordination and balance. In latter times, physical therapy is used to treat TMJ, a disorder of the jaw. All these things can be successfully treated with physical therapy, especially those clinics that combine other methods along with the physical therapy.

Since physical therapy has combined other methods to help treat people with injuries and various pains, many doctors are now recommending their patients to seek such centers and clinics that offer this mixed form of physical therapy. Patients can be assured of receiving treatment that is unique to their particular ailments. You no longer have to suffer needlessly from neck pain, back pain and other musculoskeletal pain. There will be some method of treatment that will benefit you. Center For Manual Medicine is a clinic that provides the different treatment methods for physical therapy in Kansas.

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