The Most Popular Types Of Commercial Roofing In St. Peters, MO

The roof of a commercial structure is usually much more complicated to design than one used for a residential construction project. Because of the unique demands, a traditional shingle roof is often not an option, as it does not provide the level of protection required. The following are the most popular types of commercial roofing in St. Peters MO and the various benefits each type of material offers over its counterparts.

Liquid Polymer Roofs

Liquid polymer roofing solutions are popular because of how easy they are to apply and their low installation costs. A team of trained technicians will clean the subsurface of the roof, so all debris is removed and then spray the liquid material over the entire surface. Not only does the process offer a superior seal, but the lack of seems helps prevent leaks in the most torrential weather conditions.

Membrane Roofing Materials

Another popular option in commercial applications is the use of membrane roofing systems. The material is usually purchased in large sheets that are then cut to the appropriate size and laid on the roof. The membrane is secured in place through the use of an all-weather adhesive, and any seams between the membrane sections are sealed with a flexible weather stripping that is not only resistant to rain but will also not be damaged as a result of foot traffic.

Tar Build-Up Products

One of the most commonly used materials in Commercial Roofing in St. Peters MO is tar, as it provides exceptional water resistance and is more durable than most other forms of roofing. The use of a built-up roofing system is typically more expensive during installation, but the cost of repairs is dramatically cheaper, as a fresh application of tar will restore water resistance.

Choosing to ignore issues that arise with a roof is one of the worst decisions a building owner makes. The team at Affordable Exteriors is a leading provider of both installation and repair services, and their more than 40 years of experience ensures any issues will be remedied correctly. Visit to learn more and keep a structure safe in any weather conditions.

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