The Most Common Cause Of A Busted Pipe

by | Dec 6, 2017 | Plumbing

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One of the most common plumbing problems for residences and businesses alike is a busted pipe. According to professional plumbers, they receive calls daily to address this situation. The major causes of this plumbing issue differ across the United States. In Alpharetta GA, for example, generally, the most common causal factors may differ from a city such as Detroit, MI.

The Major Causes

Burst/busted pipes can result from several factors. However, one seems to produce such results more than others do. This is freezing. It is important to understand the potential damage such things can result in unless home and business owners understand them and take precautionary measures.

While freezing pipes are not as common in cities such as Alpharetta GA, they have become more frequent in the past few years. One obvious example is the January storms of 2014. Burst pipes resulted in extensive property damage. However, a busted pipe need not happen when the weather turns cold. People can avoid this situation if they take the right measures. These consist of one or both of the following:

  • Heating exterior areas where the pipes are
  • Protect the pipes most susceptible to freezing by wrapping them in insulation
  • Instead of insulation, wrap the pipes with heating tape or cable
  • If you have cabinets containing pipes, leave them open to absorb the heat from the room
  • Do not turn the heating off, when you leave home for several days. Lower it no more than 50 degrees

Busted Pipe

While some cities in the south, including Alpharetta GA, may believe they can avoid this issue, it is increasingly becoming unlikely. The latest predictions for the area by the NOAA Climate Prediction Center indicate increasingly, a shift towards colder winters with increased amounts of precipitation. This is a reminder to all American citizens that a busted pipe could be in their future unless they respond appropriately.

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