The many options surrounding hydraulic systems

by | May 13, 2016 | Industrial Goods and Services

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Telescoping Hydraulic cylinders can be used in place of multiple cylinders when space is an issue, but large force and long reach is a necessity. Dump trucks are a good example of a vehicle using a single action telescoping hydraulic cylinder. The pressure is used to lift the trailer, and gravity is relied on to bring it back to its resting position. Double acting cylinders do not rely on gravity at any point and can be extended and retracted to any amount easily; this is most commonly seen in cardboard pressure baling systems or garbage trucks where the garbage is compressed and then ejected.

Various lengths and load ratings

Many hydraulic components may be standard sizes bought off the shelf, but in some cases your application may require a custom made cylinder meet your unique specifications. Depending on your needs, custom hydraulics can be made with a stroke of 6 inches or more, usually up to 60 inches though some custom measurements can be met. Interior shaft diameters can range from less than an inch to more than 6 inches and depends on the pressurized liquid you need and the psi you want to meet which can reach more than 3,700.

Underwater tools and machines

Several industries require the use of tools in a marine or freshwater environment, sometimes above the waves but quite often below it as well. Oil and gas rigs offshore need the construction and maintenance of platforms and oil drills that may require drivers and hydraulic tools to maintain. Sunken ships and aircraft may need to be deconstructed and removed from the seabed for environmental or insurance reasons, or if left unclaimed may be salvaged for scrap or possible treasure searching. Many of the tools used in the deconstruction are guillotine or pressure type cutters, which will then be hauled out of the water by use of a hydraulic winch.

Creating your custom cylinder

Once you have come to the realization, you need a replacement or additional cylinder for your tool, machine or another application finding the right manufacturer is your next step. Many can meet your specific needs and get a new unit out to you within 4-6 weeks, others may take much longer. You will then be faced with the type of cylinder you need, one of the benefits to a welded cylinder is that they have fewer points of possible leakage and can last a much longer time.

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