The Many Benefits of Choosing Arts Journalism for Your Degree & Your Career

People who love art and do some sort of art on a regular basis often have more than one creative and artistic ability. You may consider it either a blessing or a curse since having more than one of these talents makes it difficult to choose an educational path and choose a career. Obviously, you want a career that is fulfilling and creative in some way, but having to choose from film, theater, photography, studio art, etc., becomes overwhelming. You really don’t have to choose, and you can pursue more than one when you choose arts journalism. Arts journalism encompasses all of the above and provides the following added benefits.

Pursue Any of Your Creative Endeavors While You Write and Photograph for Your Job
Artistic journalism means that you write and photograph art and various other creative media from around the world. You work for an Arts publication, but you have plenty of free time to pursue what you love. Your own creative works or performing pieces may end up in the same magazine pages of the publication company you work for, and that isn’t half bad either.

Rub Elbows With Dozens of Famous Artists
In most instances, it is unlikely that you would rub more than five or six elbows of artists and performers who have achieved success in their fields if you focused only on your craft(s). As an arts journalist, you may meet dozens of successful artists and performers, and that can really have a positive impact on your own art of choice. To enter this program, contact School of the Art Institute of Chicago now.

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