The Many Advantages Of Spot Welding

by | Mar 19, 2018 | Metal Fabrication

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Spot welding is a process, which unites two or more pieces of identical or different metals together. It uses an electric current with the electrodes on either side providing the pressure to make certain the pieces, once joined, remain as a solid unit. To produce a solid weld, the welder must apply the current for the right length of time


This form of welding does offer welders several advantages. Some welders and companies in Cleveland prefer to utilize this form of welding to achieve certain types of welds. Overall, this technique

 * Is quick – easy to reach high welding speeds
 * Is easy to perform
 * Requires no fluxes or filler metal
 * Has no dangerous open flame
 * Does not demand special skills or training
 * Can be used to join many different metals both similar and different to each other
 * Can join sheets as thin as ¼ inch
 * Results in precise bonds
 * Offers controlled and reliable welds

What is also attractive about spot welding is its ability to be integrated into an automatic or robotic system. This can increase the overall speed of the process on a major scale. In fact, automated spot welding machines in a Cleveland automotive factory can produce as many as 200 spot welds per 6 seconds. Today, spot welders are available in different configurations to meet the demands, types, and environments of the applications. They can be suspended or floor models. They can also be air or foot-operated.

Spot Welding

Welders have the choice of different methods of welding disparate or similar metals together. Many Cleveland companies continue to prefer a specific method to other types. They feel it provides tight, strong welds quickly and easily. Many fabrications and manufacturing concerns can benefit from automated and robotic systems of this form of welding. In fact, the automotive industry favors spot welding as a means of speeding up production without negatively affecting production quality.

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