The Jaguar: Luxury, Power and Reliability

There is nothing quite like a Jaguar. This high-performance vehicle, fondly known as the “Jag,” has undergone numerous improvements during its time on the roads. Beginning as a product of British Leyland Motor Corporation, it has also been owned by several companies, including Ford (1999) and, more recently, Tata Motors (2008 on). Through it all, the Jag has retained a reputation from Mumbai, India to Philadelphia, PA for comfort, luxury and power.

Tata Rebranding

While older Jaguars have always maintained a name for luxury and power, its market had become stifled. Tata decided to rebrand. They opted to concentrate on younger consumers – successful young men and women. They also wanted to address an issue that had plagued Jaguars throughout the years – unreliability.

The Modern Jaguar: More than Power – Reliability

Substantial investment has resulted in the Jag now assuming a reliability rate previously most common to German vehicles. This applies to the powertrain and other aspects of its motive power. The company has increased its warranty and covers more preventative maintenance under it.
The Jag has also become more fuel efficient – embraced in cities such as Philadelphia. It continues to handle wonderfully. It has also not abandoned its high degree of comfort and style in its interior and exterior.

Luxurious, Comfortable and Desirable

These sleek vehicles are aerodynamic, comfortable and very desirable. The addition of SUV and crossover models has only added to its image. The Jaguar in Philadelphia was, and still is, a luxury brand worth every penny spent to own it.

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