The Importance of Visiting a Dentist in Parker, CO

Good dental hygiene is important to a person’s overall health and state of mind. If you care for your teeth and schedule periodic cleanings, you will have a higher self-esteem and stronger vitality. There are instances in which these practices are unable to keep your smile in a healthy condition and an unscheduled trip to the dental office is medically necessary. In these situations it is important to know about all the services that a Dentist in Parker, CO can offer.

The most common are routine cleaning and cavity fillings. Since cavities are usually discovered during the cleaning and examination process, the two services go hand-in-hand. The dentist immediately fills the cavities upon discovery to help prevent any further damage to your teeth.

For more elaborate dental problems there are procedures available that require a future appointment. When a Dentist in Parker, CO discovers that the application of crowns, bridges, implants, or dentures are necessary, they will schedule you for another visit with the express purpose of tackling the main problem. Since these procedures are complex and time consuming, the dental office needs to allow more time for the work than a typical check-up. This also is the case if you are ever in need of wisdom teeth removal.

There are many instances where damage to a smile occurs unexpectedly. When a crown breaks off, tooth gets chipped, or is damaged to the point of extraction, waiting to get a scheduled appointment is not always an option. Some people grin and bear the pain for a few days until they finally decide to visit a dentist, but many others realize the seriousness of their situation and seek the aid of an Emergency Dentist to resolve the problem as soon as possible. On these occasions Holly B. Sletten is more than willing to work with you to make sure that their emergency is treated the same day. An appointment should be made.

Whether a dental problem is an emergency or just a common examination, the expert services of a Dentist in Parker, CO will guarantee your smile remains beautiful for years to come. For more information visit

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