The Importance Of Legal Representation For Patent Registration In Dubai

In the United Arab Emirates, patent registration is an important part of doing business for both mainland companies as well as those operating out of free zones. Patents provide protection for the business from the competition, allowing a company to be uniquely identified in the market through the development of a new invention.

Legal Assistance

In Dubai, patent registration requires a specific set of steps. For those not familiar with the requirements and the various regulations around patents, this can be a challenge. Business owners, both nationals as well as foreigners, should use qualified, experienced lawyers to complete the process and ensure all documentation is provided and correct.

It is important to realize that a patent allows the person is applying for the patent to have the exclusive right to market the specific invention. This will be a limited time as stipulated by the patent, but it provides protection from infringement by other companies or individuals during that period.

Legal Requirements

As in the rest of the world, there are specific laws which guide patents in Dubai. This is known as Federal Law Number 17 of 2002 and the subsequent amendment by Federal law Number 31 in 2006. All patents in Dubai, as well as the rest of the UAE, are registered with the Ministry of Economy Intellectual Property Protection Department.

While many inventions and industrial applications can be patented in Dubai, others cannot. For example, it is not possible to patent a plant or animal or a method of creating and producing plants or animals. Medical procedures, guides or rules used in business or activities or any inventions which may lead to violations of the civil or moral order.

Working with an experienced attorney from STA Law Firm will ensure your patent application is complete and meets all current requirements. To get started on your application, call us today at +971 50 27 28 29 1.

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