The Importance of Installing a Needle Trap from Hayward in the OR

The operating room in your hospital may be one of the busiest areas in the place. With the rush of activity involved with operating on and stabilizing a patient, the risk of surgeons and nurses also getting hurt can be high.

To protect them against the threat of getting stuck with sharps, you need to use resources to minimize this risk and keep the healthcare team safe. You can start by installing a needle trap in your hospital’s operating room.

Minimizing Sticks

Needle sticks can pose a great risk to people who operate on patients. Doctors, nurses, and others who get stuck with a needle that has been injected first in a patient do not know to what illnesses they have been exposed. They have no way of knowing if they have contracted something that could eventually kill them.

Rather than subject your healthcare team to such risks, you can put in a receptacle that is designed to minimize or eliminate needle sticks. They can safely operate on patients without the fear that they themselves may contract an illness that can shorten their lives.

This receptacle also improves the workflow of the operating room and makes operating on and stabilizing patients easier. Your surgeons’ focus can remain on the patient rather than protecting themselves from needle sticks.

Find out more about installing a needle trap in your OR online. Contact Sharp Fluidics, LLC by going to website for more information.

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