The Importance of Dental Bridges in Indianapolis IN

Many people are not concerned about missing teeth in the back of the mouth. Some figure that no one can see those teeth, so why spend the money on dental bridges in Indianapolis IN? There are oral and overall health reasons to have a bridge made or get a dental implant if only one tooth is missing.

Beyond Aesthetics

People may not see the back teeth, but they will notice that a few are missing. Back teeth contribute to the shape of the face and the way people speak. Pronunciation of words will change, and speech will not be as clear.

Chewing will be affected as well. Eating will take longer, and food will need to be cut up smaller to avoid choking. Improper chewing can also lead to problems with the digestion of food.

Surrounding Teeth

Healthy teeth around the empty spaces will begin to shift and become misaligned. New gaps will form leaving the teeth and gum vulnerable to bacteria and food particles. Loosening teeth will be susceptible to pain, damage, and decay.

Dental bridges in Indianapolis IN will reduce gum recession, keep healthy teeth in place, and allow people to eat what they want without difficulty. Bridges can be permanent via anchors in the jaw or be removable like traditional dentures. This is determined by the condition of the gumline and jaw, budgets, and the preferences of patients.

A Minimum of Two Visits

Patients going through the process of getting a dental bridge made will need to plan on at least two visits to the office. The first is to have a mold made of the space that the new teeth will occupy. X-rays of the teeth at either end of the bridge will also be taken to assess their stability.

A bridge will typically take two-weeks to come back from the dental laboratory. When that happens, the second visit will be scheduled to fit the bridge and ensure it will stay in place. In some cases, adjustments will be needed, and more appointments will be scheduled to make those, so patients get the most use and comfort out of the new bridge as possible.


Bridges will last up to fifteen-years with proper care. The investment is well worth it because oral health, digestion, and speaking will not decline. People interested in exploring the options best suited for them can contact us to schedule an appointment.

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