The Importance of Aerospace Metal Finishing

by | Mar 30, 2016 | Industrial Goods and Services

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The aerospace industry has been one of the biggest pioneers in the world of machined and finished metals. Due to the harsh conditions metals have to endure out in space, many companies operating in the aerospace sector often commission metalworking companies to come up with new and unique innovations that are better, stronger and much more resilient. In fact, many of the items that are used by metalworking factories were invented by companies operating in the aerospace sector. At one point in time, aluminum was regarded as an exotic material. Today, it is perhaps the most widely used metal. Aluminum is used in aircraft applications and a wide range of aerospace applications. It is light, tough and extremely resilient to external atmospheric elements.

When compared with other materials, aluminum is stronger, offers increased machinability, and is also significantly lighter, making it a fantastic choice. However, aerospace metal finishing is required when the applications require considerably more strength and resistance to continuous heat cycles and resistance to corrosion. In many cases, aerospace metal finishing may be applied to titanium alloys and stainless steel to get them ready for the task.


Owing to the nature of the process, it is not easy to machine stainless steel or titanium alloys. In many cases, companies that offer aerospace metal finishing services charge a considerable amount of money for their services. A lot of expensive equipment is put to use in machining and applying the finishing on the materials. By the end of the process, the titanium and steel alloys can meet the high test requirements that they may be subjected to out in space.


The metal finishing used in the aerospace industry also has practical implications on the ground. For instance, the finishing is applied to turbine blades. These blades are often installed under the ground and are subjected to extreme force and pressure for long hours during the day.

Resilience and strength are two of the most important things that need to be considered when installing turbine blades. In many cases, companies that manufacture turbine blades often hire metalworking agencies to machine and finish them with an aerospace coating. This makes the material stronger, more reliable and considerably more durable. Obviously, quality control and documentation plays a very important role, as strict government checks are necessary before the material is cleared for installation. Most companies that offer finishing products also provide relevant certificates and documents to the clients. The exact print specifications must be provided at the beginning of the process so that the company takes any special instructions into account when starting the finishing process.

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