The Falk Gearbox: The Right Angle Reducer

by | Apr 12, 2018 | Industrial Supplier

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Falk, now within the Rexnord Company, continues to produce quality but affordable products. They have a reputation for reliability, producing durable products capable of withstanding the stress and demands of heavy-duty industries. In states such as Texas, when a speed reducer is required, companies frequently choose the proven right angle Falk gearbox.

Falk Right Angle Reducers

For those in an industry that demands a lot, Falk right angle reducers offer a number of advantages. The company offers customers several models from which to choose. Among the more popular ones are AB series, the Falk V-Class Gear Drive and the A-Plus Right-Angle Gear Drives. Each has its own are of optimal function. However, in general, they all offer similar benefits to the heavy-duty industries in Texas and other American states that rely on them. They:

 * Are durable
 * Provide a reliable performance
 * Long-lived
 * Are compact and, therefore, ideal for tight spaces
 * Emit only low vibrations and noise
 * Are resistant to corrosive elements
 * Minimal deterioration over time
 * Come in 11 sizes for the different mounting: foot, flange or shaft
 * Have Magnum no-leak dirt-proof seals (AB series)
 * Low maintenance (particularly the Falk V-Class Gear Drive)
 * Minimize stress and wear and tear (benefits of the A-Plus Right-Angle Gear Drives)

Different series offer specific features including carburized or case-carburized gears and/or gearing. Falk continually utilizes the latest technology to ensure superior functionality.

Like other models, the right angle Falk gearbox is ideal for certain industrial use. The company also provides a very high level of technical support and superior customer service.

The Right Angle Falk Gearbox

In Texas and other states across the United States, many industries demand a rugged, durable, reliable and highly functional gearbox/reducer. Without it, they cannot function optimally. Fortunately, highly challenging industrial concerns can rely on the right angle Falk gearbox. Like other products from this reputable company, it is made to take whatever an industry throws at it and continue to perform.

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