The Disabled Can Thrive with Supported Living in Prince George

The Disabled Can Thrive with Supported Living in Prince George Community life is enriched when people with disabilities can live and work among us. A comprehensive support program should include services for the very young, for disabled adults, for families of the disabled and for employers.

What can be done for infants and young children?
Early intervention and therapy can reduce the impact of a disability. Ideally, parents and siblings should be involved in early treatment, and there should be home visits by a compassionate therapist. School-aged children may also need an outside program to help them learn social and practical life skills.

Do families need extra supports?
Supporting a disabled family member can be stressful. A program for Supportive Living in Prince George should teach adaptive parenting skills, provide temporary care so that parents can take a break from their routines and help families with disabled members to form networks among themselves.

What special services do disabled adults need?
Disabled adults need support and training to help them live as independently as possible. They need training in basic life skills so they can shop and do basic cooking. A good program for Supportive Living in Prince George will also teach leisure skills like swimming and bowling, as well as providing opportunities for recreation.

Are there employers for disabled adults?
Doing useful work is especially important for the disabled, who might otherwise feel useless. Matching the disabled with understanding employers who need their services is as important as teaching job skills. Aimhi, the Prince George Association for Community Living, provides all these services and more.

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