The Different Finishing Options In Minneapolis Marble Countertops

by | Nov 2, 2016 | Home Improvement

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Depending on where marble is used in a Minneapolis home different finishes will give a different look to the marble. While there are several options in finishes for marble used for flooring or even in showers and on walls, there are two basic choices that can be used to create beautiful marble countertops.

To help you to understand the differences, here is a basic description of the polished and the honed marble that is most often used for countertops. Polished is the most common option and there are some important factors that come into play as to why this may be the right choice for your counters.


Polished marble countertops are what most people think of when they see an image of a countertop of marble. There is a natural shine and luster to the counter that reflects light and provides a very shiny, glossy look.

To the touch, these countertops are incredibly smooth and feel like silk. They show the colors in the marble very well and give an almost glassy look to the surface. However, with the high gloss surface, even small scratches may be visible in the right light.

With proper sealing, the highly polished surface is good at resisting stains. It will be important, as with any type of marble, to wipe up spills immediately and to avoid leaving water or any acidic foods or liquids on the surface.

Polished countertops can become dull if acidic cleaning products are used or of typical kitchen cleaners or even glass cleaners and soap residue is left on the surface. They can be buffed again to a high shine if needed.


The honed marble countertops are not as common for use in Minneapolis kitchens but are often used in bathrooms or in other rooms. This marble has a softer surface look, more like satin with a smooth, velvety feel. It is not reflective or shiny, but it can also be sealed to reduce the risk of staining or etching.

As honed marble is not glossy, scratches on the surface are very difficult to detect even in direct light. This is why this is often used as a flooring option as it can stand up to heavy traffic.

It will be important to ensure that the sealant used on honed marble is carefully selected to provide optimal protection. As this material is naturally more absorbent any damage to the sealant can result in staining or discoloring of the marble.

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