The Difference Between Interior Decorators and Residential Interior Designers

During a home renovation project in the Bethesda, MD area or even during new home construction, it is not uncommon for homeowners to find it difficult to determine if they need residential interior designers, interior decorators, or perhaps both.

Knowing what each of these two types of professionals can do and where they focus their attention can help to clarify which one of the professionals is the best match for the work you need on your Bethesda, MD home.

Residential Interior Decorators

It is important to understand that interior decorators specialize in commercial decorating or residential decorating. However, this also applies to interior designers, and homeowners should choose a professional with a top reputation and a solid background in creating beautiful interior living spaces for homes.

An interior decorator focuses on changing the appearance of the interior of the home, including maximizing space and function but without any structural or construction input or recommendations. These are ideal professionals to change the look of a room, floor, or home without any layout changes.

Residential Interior Designers

Interior designers typically work with architects and contractors to create new spaces for a home renovation or new home construction. In many cases, these professionals are involved in drafting the plans for the renovation or home building project, developing a functional, practical and unique living space.

At the same time, residential interior designers also provide interior decorating services after the construction is completed. They also assist in finding materials and choosing pieces to finish the room and add functional and practical aspects of the design.

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