The Challenge Of Developing Implantable Medical Devices

Implantable devices are becoming a very effective alternative in the treatment and management of a variety of conditions. There is increasing emphasis on electronic and biofeedback types of options, but there are also implantable medical devices such as artificial joints which do not require electronic components.

All types of implantable medical devices from simple pins to use to set and hold broken bones to the very complex systems used to regulate the beating of a heart to devices that will eventually be able to assist people to move previously paralyzed limbs.

Today, medical device implant developers face significant challenges in approval to market. Although the United States is considered the founding country for the industry, the complexities of regulations have led to more medical implants being produced in other countries throughout Europe, Asia and the rest of the world.

Working with Top Companies

The process of designing, prototyping and testing of implantable medical devices is long and cumbersome, but having a top medical device contract manufacturing service to work with can help to streamline the process as much as possible.

These experienced companies know the documentation required and the complex regulations for a given device type. They also have the experts and the experience to be able to work with the company developing the device to provide the lowest cost production options while still maintaining the stringent standards required by the FDA.

It is also possible that contract manufacturers can be invaluable in producing prototypes and volume production for the European market and approval process. Often devices can be approved years ahead of the same device approval in the United States, which can provide the business with the funding needed to continue to operate, particularly with Class lll devices which include those devices controlling body systems and functions.

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