The Biggest Differences Between Used and Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

People making a first-time car purchase in Cherry Hill, NJ, may not be familiar with the differences between certified pre-owned and pre-owned vehicles. The similarity is that they are both previously owned vehicles. However, the certified pre-owned vehicles must meet specific criteria to qualify for the designation.

The Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

Vehicle manufacturers developed a certified pre-owned program to highlight and offer used vehicles with specific qualifications to customers in the market for a used vehicle.

All certified pre-owned vehicles Cherry Hill NJ have to be within a specific number of model years to the current model on the lot. For most manufacturers, this is five or six years. In addition, the certified pre-owned car, truck, or SUV has to have a limited number of miles, which varies between manufacturers.

The vehicle must pass a rigorous inspection and test drive, and anything that needs replacing or repair is completed. The vehicle comes with a warranty and roadside assistance, just like a new vehicle off the lot.

Some new model pre-owned cars, trucks, or SUVs will not meet the standards for the certified pre-owned requirements, especially if they have apparent cosmetic damage or if they have been in an accident.

The Cost Difference

Both certified pre-owned and pre-owned vehicles in Cherry Hill, NJ, are very cost effective to purchase. In most cases, the additional warranty and coverage, as well as the new condition and low mileage on the certified pre-owned vehicles means they are slightly more expensive than a standard used vehicle on the dealership lot.

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