The Best Breweries In Bend OR

No one in America doubts the strong presence of Oregon in the craft brew market. They may even agree the state’s best breweries are in Bend. Where critics and beer aficionados differ is on identifying the best breweries in Bend OR and region. Below is a small list, it is open to interpretation and, of course, discussion.

Breweries in Bend

Bend and its immediate area are home to more than 25 breweries. When compared to the population, it certainly deserves the title of Beer City, USA. Among the many craft breweries, vying for the title of “Best Brewery in Bend” are the following:

1. Ale Apothecary: This Company produces its brews in oak barrels.

2. Bend Brewing Company (BBC): This is a local favorite

3. Boneyard: Patrons love the balance and hoppy character of their brews

4. Crux Fermentation Project: This company has a reputation for its, to put it mildly, non-traditional brewing techniques.

5. Deschutes: The Grande Dame of local brew companies, this is the largest brewery in Bend OR.

6. Good Life: Its reputation lies in brewing an exceptional well-balanced beer.

7. Sunriver: The brewery produces awesome year-round, seasonal and limited release brews.

8. Silver Moon: Be sure to try their Snake Bite Porter or the Voodoo Dog ISR

9. 10 Barrel: Produces solid beers like OG Wheat IPA.

10. Worthy: Offers a variety of popular brews.

Are these the best breweries in Bend OR? This is a matter of personal taste.

Best Breweries in Bend OR

Everyone has a favorite brew. When friends of Bend craft beer lovers gather, who produces the best is always a question of contention. For those who love sour beer, Cascade Lake Brewing is the answer. For those who enjoy a malty hops brew, The Oblivion Brewing Company is the right answer. When it comes to selecting the best breweries in Bend OR – “Vive la différence.”

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