The Benefits of Screen Porches in Brookfield, WI

The new owner loves just about everything about the house, but there is one change that needs to be made. The front porch is not screened. Choosing to add screening to the porch will provide a number of advantages. Here are some examples of how screen porches in Brookfield WI can be a wonderful thing.

Additional Security Measure

Screen Porches in Brookfield WI provide another layer of security for the home. That’s because screen porches typically come with screen doors that must be opened in order to step onto the porch. Like the front doors to the home, the screen door can be equipped with a lock. Making use of that lock slows would-be intruders a little and provides more time for the security cameras to pick up on the activity. By the time the burglar gets through the screen door or decides to cut a hole in the screening, the police will be on the way.

Sitting Outside in Comfort

Having a front porch to enjoy during moderate weather is wonderful. The fresh air and the ability to enjoy the landscape is a great way to relax. One problem that can make it difficult to enjoy the front porch is insects. Whether they fly or crawl, sharing the front porch with them is not fun. By choosing to install the screening and enclose the porch, the bugs will be kept away from anyone who is enjoying the swing or rocking away while sipping a tall glass of lemonade.

Improving Market Value

While the plan is to live in the home for a number of years, the day will come when the owner decides to sell. The presence of a screened porch will certainly be a drawing card for many potential buyers. As long as the screening is maintained properly, there will be little work needed to prepare it for an open house.

If the idea of screening in a front or back porch sounds appealing, contact Outdoor Living Unlimited today and learn more about how the process works. With help from a professional, it will not take long to choose the right type of screening, determine the best way to create the frame, and set a date for the work to get underway.

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