The Benefits Of Purchasing Pre-owned Vehicles From Car Dealerships

There are many different places to purchase used vehicles. Pre-owned vehicles include the newer, low mileage certified pre-owned options as well as the slightly older, higher mileage used cars or SUVs.

A certified pre-owned vehicle is only available through a dealership, and only the car dealerships Philadelphia that sell that particular make of vehicle. The manufacturer determines the criteria for a certified pre-owned vehicle they sell. Only a dealership can complete the necessary inspection, testing, and approval.

Even if a car buyer in Philadelphia is not looking for a certified pre-owned vehicle, there are still several advantages to purchasing a used car or SUV from a dealership.

Competitive Financing Options

Used or certified pre-owned vehicles at car dealerships are eligible for financing through the dealer, just like new cars. Taking advantage of dealership financing is a simple way to get a competitive car loan without having to go through another financing service.

Special Promotions

Local car dealerships in Philadelphia will offer both national promotions, incentives, and sales events, as well as those that are just for that dealership. This can be a great way to take advantage of high pre-owned vehicle inventory to get an even better price on an exceptional quality vehicle.

Accepting the Trade-In

Car dealers are fairly flexible when it comes to accepting vehicles as trade-ins on a purchase. This saves the car buyer the challenge of trying to sell their current vehicle through a private sale or a vehicle auction. It also provides additional funding for a down payment on the vehicle purchased, helping to reduce monthly payments.

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