The Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Landscape Maintenance Company

Most businesses and commercial establishments benefit immensely by hiring a company to provide Commercial Landscape Maintenance. The reality is that most retail or commercial businesses do not keep a groundskeeper or lawn care maintenance staff on the payroll. Depending on the amount and extent of landscaping, there is more to maintaining lawn care maintenance than mowing. Landscape beds need to be weeded and mulched, trees and shrubs need trimming and pruning. In addition to being mowed and trimmed, grass needs to be fertilized, aerated and thatched, and weed control measures applied.

Just about anyone with a little experience can claim to be a lawn care company or landscaper and with many people doing just that, how do you know who to choose for your commercial lawn maintenance? A company like Madison Earthcare is committed to quality, 100% customer satisfaction and employs a team of highly-trained horticulture and lawn care professionals. Some of the services provided by Commercial Landscape Maintenance include:

1. Lawn Mowing -; Have you ever looked at large expanses of grass at a commercial property and admired the neatness or beauty of its striped lawn? A commercial lawn company can cut the lawn in such a way that it resembles a checkerboard or has a criss-cross or diagonal pattern. All litter and grass clippings are collected and disposed of.

2. Fertilization and Weed Control -; After a winter dormancy lawns awaken hungry and in need of nourishment. Spring feedings are applied which will provide the roots with what they need for spring growth. Spring is also the season to apply a fertilizer and crabgrass preventive combination product. Other feedings will be applied in the summer, fall and winter months.

3. Dethatching and Aeration -; Dethatching is a process that removes thatch (accumulated organic matter) from lawns. Thatch inhibits nutrients, sun and water from reaching the roots of lawns. The aeration process improves water and fertilizer uptake and reduces soil compaction.

4. Tree, Shrub and Plant Care -; The shrubs and trees will be pruned and trimmed as necessary. Fertilizer and pest control measures will be applied as necessary.

By hiring a professional Commercial Landscape Maintenance company, a commercial property will always look its best. With the help of a lawn care maintenance company to provide their landscaping and lawn care needs, commercial businesses and retailers can focus on their business and clients. A win-win for everyone.

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