The Benefits Of Choosing Industrial Chrome Plating

There are many different benefits and advantages in using industrial chrome plating, which may also be known as hard chrome plating. This is a specialized type of finish that is applied to the surfaces of metal parts through the use of electroplating. In fact, a very controlled layer of chromium is bonded to the surface, and this can be designed to be thicker or thinner depending on the specific needs.

It is possible to find hard chrome plated parts in a wide range of different applications. It can be used on rollers, shafts, pistons, rods or in any other type of product where protection of the surface of the metal is essential. This could include on components exposed to a lot of friction or wear such s drills, dies or any type of moving parts or components.

Improving Component Life
As mentioned above, moving parts or components can be exposed to a lot of wear and tear, largely from fiction. When a layer of chromium is applied to the surface of the component a naturally smooth surface is created that decreases friction that can be caused even by very slight surface irregularities.

In addition, the actual industrial chrome plating can be ground and polished after application, further creating the ideal smooth and blemish free surface to decrease friction.

Re-Sizing Components
In some applications, some or all of a particular component surface may be worn down over time. In applications in hydraulics, pumps and other types of equipment, even a slight variation in diameter or size is going to create problems and inefficiencies in the system.

By applying hard chrome plating to the surface in the desired thickness, the part and component can be restored to the original size. This is typically a two-step process that first involves grinding and preparing the base metal, then applying the hard chrome plating.

Preventing Surface Corrosion
In any type of environment where an alloy may be exposed to moisture, chemicals, acids or in marine types of applications, using industrial chrome plating will be important for new parts.
This not only prevents surface corrosion from being a concern, but it will add to the overall life of the part even in very difficult environmental or use conditions. It can be applied to a wide range of different alloys and substrates. These can include copper, bronze, brass, cast iron and stainless steel and other types of alloys.

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