The Benefits of a High-Quality Stretch Wrapping Machine

by | May 30, 2017 | Packaging

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When you shop for stretch wrapping equipment, you might think all these machines are pretty much the same. However, this kind of thinking can cost you money and bring needless headaches to your company. In fact, you’ll see many benefits when you invest in a high-quality machine like an Orion stretch wrapper and here are some reasons why.


The best companies use heavy gauge steel for their machines. In fact, you should have no problems in some of the harshest environments. Also, the manufacturer doesn’t simply paint their machines. Paint can easily chip or crack, and before long you have to deal with rust.

Quality equipment like the Orion stretch wrapper has powder coated finishes. This method gives you a long-lasting finish that can take abuse. Powder coating uses a method that bonds the finish to the surface, so simple scratches don’t affect it.

Ease of Use

When you invest in the best machinery for stretch wrapping, you don’t have to spend a lot of time training your employees. The machines have easy to use touch panels with built-in microprocessors. It’s easy to run several machines at one time because you can use the networking feature. This lets you check all your machines from one area. Software updating is simple because you can use the USB port.

Quality machines have security features too. For example, you can lock out certain features so workers can’t change the settings.

No DC Motors

Some stretch wrapping machines use DC motors. This is an easy way to offer variable speed control, but you have to deal with all the maintenance issues of DC motors. The best machines have AC motors with variable frequency drives. This gives you the benefits of precise speed control without the maintenance hassles. Also, machines like the Orion stretch wrapper have non-proprietary parts for cheaper maintenance.

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