The Applications Of Swiss Machining Services

In many different applications today, particularly in medical, dental, electronics and other types of precision components in aerospace and military/defense industries, the use of Swiss machining has become a standard.

Swiss machining services are particularly effective and appropriate for small, highly detailed components where precision, accuracy and extremely tight tolerances are required. Some machining companies may not off this type of detailed work as it requires special CNC equipment and also expertise in design and operation.

Multiple Tools and Design Possibilities

Unlike traditional types of lathes and CNC machining equipment, Swiss CNC machines are equipped with multiple live tools. This allows one machine to create a very complex shape quickly and efficiently and with extreme accuracy. The machines can turn, lathe, bore and drill without the need to change machines or for any type of operator intervention.

This, in turn, adds to the ability of Swiss machining services to work to tight tolerances that are essential in these applications. Designed for smaller parts such as medical and dental device components as well as specialized parts for any type of industry, this equipment allows parts to be produced quickly, effectively and repeatedly.

Difference in Swiss Machining

The operation of the Swiss machining equipment is different than traditional machining options. With the traditional CNC machining equipment, the material is held in the spindle and the cutting tools will move to create the desired shapes and design element.

With Swiss machining, the equipment moves the material and the tool is held still. The advantage of this difference, particularly with small parts, is there is virtually no vibration in the tool, developing a precise cut or shape without any variations from chattering.

Additionally, this method is much more effective with longer and thinner stock or material that may have some bending or twisting during the machining process using traditional machining methods.

It is important to choose a shop to handle any CNC Swiss machining jobs with experience in using the equipment as well as producing top quality parts and components. There are differences in this type of machining than in standard machining and working with a top company is always the best choice.
There are many different uses for this technology in all types of prototype design and large production requirements. With the complex shapes and designs possible, even non-round type of shapes can be easily produced with CNC Swiss machining services.

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