The Amenities Included When Booking a Hotel Room in Fargo, ND

by | Mar 23, 2016 | Hotel

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Visitors passing through Fargo often take advantage of its cultural offerings, visit colleges, or enjoy the area’s history. Many also book a stay at The Holiday Inn Fargo in order to enjoy affordable comfort. When clients reserve a Hotel Room Fargo ND, hospitality professionals offer them a choice of appealing rooms. Guests also have access to fine dining and can watch the kids play in a hotel amusement area.

There Are Rooms for Every Taste

Visitors to the Fargo area are often surprised at how hospitable the historic area actually is. When guests book a Hotel Room Fargo ND, hotel staff make sure that they get a room that suits their needs. These include attractive, affordable standard rooms as well as spacious suites. The larger suites include sitting areas and sleeper sofas. They are ideal for families. There are poolside and pool view rooms. Clients may book accessible units designed for those with special needs. Rooms are smoke-free and include wi-fi, cable TV, and flat-panel televisions.

Guests Can Choose Dining Options

Hotel guests have quick access to snack shops, lounges, and restaurants. They can dine in elegant surroundings and enjoy exceptional breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus. Guests can also pop into snack shops like Dakota Joes’ when they want coffee, pastries, and other pick-me-ups. Fine hotel lounges provide nightly entertainment and TVs tuned to sporting events. Visitors and even local residents often stop in for cocktails before dinner or spend an evening with friends.

Hotel Staff Help Keeps Guests Entertained

Hotel staff members steer guests to local attractions and let them know about unique poolside play areas like Shipwreck Bay. The entertainment center includes an arcade as well as air hockey and ping pong. Visitors can also ride the waterslide into the pool or just sit nearby and relax.

Although Fargo, North Dakota, is known for its rustic history, local hotel accommodations are entirely modern. Visitors are offered a choice of comfortable rooms and invited to enjoy a range of eating and dining options. Profession staff also ensures that guests have access to on-site entertainment and directions to area attractions. Click here for more details.

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