The Advantages of Professional Installation of Fiber Cement Siding in St Paul

Beauty and durability are hallmark characteristics of fiber cement siding in St Paul. The siding is becoming increasingly popular because of its distinct advantages compared with other common materials for cladding a house.

The Distinct Advantages of Fiber Cement

The siding is energy efficient, and with a layer of insulation beneath it, the house is ready to withstand the bitterly cold winters this region experiences. Since the siding contains a large amount of cement, it is impervious to fungal growth in shady, damp environments. It is resistant to insects and rodents as well.

This material can be ordered in a broad range of colors and finishes from a contractor such as Builders & Remodelers, Inc. so the customers can achieve the look they want for the exterior of their home. It can look just like wood siding if they prefer. More information about us is available at the website.

A warranty against peeling and chipping on pre-finished planks is provided, but homeowners may want to paint the siding before the warranty expires. The color may gradually fade over the years with continued exposure to ultraviolet light.

Fiber cement is considered an environmentally friendly choice. It might be viewed as the green and sustainable alternative to vinyl, which currently is the most common choice for siding because of its low cost.

The Important Advantages of Professional Installation

It’s possible to install fiber cement siding in St Paul as a do-it-yourself project, but a large majority of homeowners prefer to have the work completed by professional contractors. This can be very time-consuming as DIY work, and most men and women don’t have experience with siding installation. Improper installation detracts from the look of the home, and wind can even blow siding off it isn’t attached the right way.

With improper installation, water from rain and melting snow can seep under the planks and cause mildew and fungal growth. The siding itself is extremely resistant to these problems, but the insulation underneath can be damaged. Homeowners have even found mushrooms growing out from between siding planks after installing their siding. This indicates a serious problem with moisture beneath the surface.

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