The Advantages Of A Silicone Rubber Gasket

Gaskets are used in a wide variety of industries and applications. You will find them in vehicle engine systems, in aerospace applications, in appliances and HVAC systems. They are also essential in computers and devices as well as medical equipment and food processing systems.

Different types of materials are more effective in creating gaskets for different types of applications. A silicone rubber gasket is one of the most common types of gaskets because it is both heat resistant as well as durable. For medical and surgical equipment as well as in the production of food, beverages and pharmaceuticals the use of silicone rubber is a very good choice. It is a biocompatible material that is safe to use and free from chemicals found in some of the other types of gasket materials.

Additionally, the silicone rubber gasket is, by definition, more rubber-like than many other materials. It is easy to work with and shape and can be easily cut to high degrees of precision and very high tolerances.

Colors and Features

One of the many advantages of a silicone rubber gasket is that it can be easily identified by choosing a specific color. For OEM companies this makes branding and marketing easier and it also helps to quickly identify the specific gasket needed for consumers.

These gaskets can be very thin and streamlined, or they can be thicker to provide increased cushioning and vibration resistance. With their natural give, they also create an excellent seal and are very resistant to wear and tear.

The electrical properties of the silicone rubber are also not impacted by temperature extremes. This is a good option for most typical applications with different formulations possible to work in extremely hot or cold conditions without impacting the mechanical properties of the gasket.

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