Texas Duck Hunting Tips & Tricks for the Novice Hunter

Texas duck hunting and duck hunting, in general, has shown a considerable increase in popularity in recent years. In the South Zone of Texas, the first half of the 2017-2018 Duck Season is expected to begin on November 4th and will run through November 26th. The second half of the season is expected to begin almost two weeks later, starting on December 9th and will end on January 28th. If you are an avid duck hunter or have always had an interest in trying out the sport, you have plenty of time to get yourself prepared.

Duck Hunting Tips to Ensure a Successful Season:

 * Acquire Your Hunting License
 * Find an Experienced Duck Hunter to Show You the Ropes
 * Get the Proper Gear
 * Master Your Duck Call
 * Use the Proper Gun and Ammunition
 * Find a Location to Hunt

The Best Area in Texas for Duck Hunting This Winter Season

South Texas is arguably the best area for duck hunting this winter, as it is part of what is dubbed the coastal bend region. It is this area that hosts extremely large populations of migrating Mallard, Widgeon, Redhead, Pintail, Gadwall, and Canvasback ducks each winter season. After you get your hunting license, camouflage and waders be sure to take a look in this area of Texas. It is a boon to the novice hunter, as the possibility of seeing waterfowl is significantly larger than in other areas. It is also a beneficial idea to acquire the aid of an experienced hunter.

Ready, Aim, Fire Away to a Rewarding New Experience

If you don’t know of a friend or relative who hunts, ask around or research reputable hunting lodges in the area you desire. Hunting organizations like Bay Flats Lodge, oftentimes have the most to offer hunters of all levels of expertise. They provide hunting guides for both beginners and experts; you can visit their homepage, and click ‘Check out our latest Videos‘ to get your feet wet. The rest, of course, will depend on whether or not you’re a good shot.

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