Technology Isn’t Usually Considered in Carpet Choices, But It Should Be

When the word technology enters a conversation, people automatically visualize smartphones, smart homes, car technologies, and computers. Homeowners choosing a carpet in Downers Grove don’t usually consider the technologies built into their carpet. Many carpets have stain-resistant technology built-in, but what other tech is involved in carpets?

Health Protection

Many carpet manufacturers are building health-protecting technology into their carpets. In former years, carpet attracted and kept allergens, microbials, bacteria, mold, and mildew among other microscopic allergens. Today’s technology prevents these from taking possession of carpet fibers.

Odor Removal

Carpet technologies now include preventing the carpet from susceptibility to odors from pets, cooking, cigarette smoke, and other odors. The odor molecules are divided and neutralized before they reach the carpet. The home smells fresher and will for the carpet’s life span.

Color Saturation

Carpet is now dyed with better color saturation. The color doesn’t sit on top of the fiber but is absorbed on the most basic level of the fiber. No fading from the sun or from furniture placement will alter the color of the carpet.

Stains and Soil

Many carpet manufacturers have built-in stain and soil resistance into the fibers of their carpet. Homeowners no longer must worry about the baby’s juice spilling and staining their carpets in Downers Grove. They don’t have to think about the dog’s puddles or her occasional “mistake” on the carpet. In most cases, the stain or puddle can be soaked up with a paper towel, rubbed with clear water, and voila! No more stain.

Carpet Adhesives

In former years, carpet adhesives contained volatile organic compounds or VOCs and other contaminants that added to bad indoor air quality. Breathing the compounds exacerbated asthma and allergies. However, today’s technologies have produced smart adhesives that are safer for both the environment and the family’s health. Contact Best Buy Carpet and Granite today to learn more about the technologies built into their carpet.

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