Symptoms That May Require Dementia Care

Do you suspect your loved one suffers from mild cognitive impairment, or possibly dementia? Or has your loved one already been diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment and you want to know what you can do to help? Dementia care is an increasingly popular option in Bergen County NJ because it integrates seamlessly with other senior care options and services.

Dementia refers to cognitive decline, with memory loss, confusion, and impaired skills of analysis and judgment as common symptoms. If you consider dementia as a spectrum of cognitive decline, then mild cognitive decline would be the mildest form and Alzheimer’s the most pronounced. In many cases, there are no formal designations for these categories. A diagnosis of dementia requires ongoing clinical assessment and observation. You can help by being open with your doctor and healthcare providers about symptoms that they might not recognize when conducting tests or analyses.

How do you know your loved one needs dementia care? Any time there has been a diagnosis of mild cognitive decline or dementia, dementia care is a great option. The reason why dementia care has become a common option in Bergen County NJ is that it actually works. Dementia care helps improve quality of life while mitigating the effects of cognitive decline.

Many of the top senior facilities in Bergen County NJ like Sunshine offer dementia care and memory care options. Dementia care is a comprehensive set of services, provided by qualified specialists in geriatric care. With dementia care, the daily needs of the person are taken care of fully, so you no longer worry about their health and safety while they are receiving treatment. Memory loss, cognitive impairment, and other signs of dementia are best addressed immediately through a personalized dementia care program.

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