Suppliers of Ice Cube Wholesale in Long Island NY Have Equipment That Prevents Cloudy Cubes

For distributors of ice cube wholesale in Long Island, NY, people planning events want a company that is reliable and provides top-quality products. It might seem difficult to imagine that making superb batches of ice cubes could be problematic for any business specializing in this endeavor, but there are numerous considerations involved.

One feature of ice cubes that is greatly preferred for any event is clarity. Cloudy ice cubes make people suspicious that something is wrong, such as a dirty ice maker or contamination in the water. That’s hardly ever the case, fortunately. Cloudy ice typically is caused by suspended gasses in the frozen water. In simpler terms, there’s air trapped inside the ice.

In a regular freezer, water in trays becomes hard around the outer area first; the freezing action then gradually spreads to the middle. That often results in air bubbles left inside the cubes. Aside from the aesthetic issue, cubes with trapped air are prone to melting faster and cracking. That can lead to watery drinks, something virtually nobody likes. In contrast, the best suppliers of ice cube wholesale in Long Island, NY have equipment that freezes water in a uniform fashion or from one side to another. Bubbles still occur if the water freezes progressively from side to side, but they wind up on one end of the cube, where they aren’t noticeable. In addition, if ice runs low and bartenders have to start using cubes that are not frozen in the middle, that’s another problem resulting in watery drinks. Progressive side-to-side freezing does not have this issue.

Another advantage of having a company such as Ice Fuel LI supply ice for an event is the uniform size of the cubes. Most of the attendees may never notice, but it makes filling glasses a more streamlined process for the bartenders. When some cubes are overly large, they can even stick out of the glass and have to be removed. It also means that the ice will melt in the glass at the same rate, instead of small cubes turning into the water more quickly and large ones being left behind.

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