Structural Stabilization in Greensburg, PA – What You Need to Know

If your house is located on or near a sinkhole, the foundation may start to sink after a while. The foundation of any building is arguably the most important part of the whole structure. The ordinary soil under the building is unable to support its weight. Therefore, before construction work begins, piling contractors are brought on the scene to lay down the foundation of the building. They use reinforced concrete to lay down the foundation of the building. However, due to the changes under the soil, the foundation may become uneven, and parts of it may begin to sink as well. You may need to hire a company that offers structural stabilization in Greensburg, PA, if you can notice any of the following signs around your house.

Uneven Door Frames

If you have to apply effort every time you try to close the door—for instance, if the door panel gets stuck in the door frame—it may be caused due to a sinking foundation. Otherwise, the door frame should stand upright and is carefully measured based on the size of the door itself. Companies such as Disaster Restoration Services offer structural stabilization services throughout Greensburg.

Gaps Between the Floors and Walls

One of the most obvious signs that your home needs structural stabilization is if you can see tiny gaps between the walls and the floor. It’s primarily caused by the uneven movements of the foundation under the floor, which results in the floor sinking from the sides. If you don’t get the foundation repaired quickly, it won’t be long before cracks will begin to appear in the roof of your house as well. If you spot any of these signs around the house, contact your local restoration company immediately.

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