Stay Safe and Save Time by Using Leaf Guards for Your Tacoma Gutters’

It’s that time of year again. The mercury is dropping, and the trees are turning their beautiful array of colors. Soon they’ll fall from the trees, swirl in the wind and collect on the driveway where we’ll crunch them on our way to the car, rake them in piles so the kids can play in them, and then we’ll burn them, filling the air with the scent of autumn. Autumn leaves are a timeless ritual that we enjoy, even when they present a few chores for us.

However, there is one leaf chore that no one should have to do and that is cleaning them from the gutters of our homes. There they don’t make crispy crunching sounds; there they collect in sodden heaps to rot and clump, discoloring the surface of the gutters, weighing them down, and preventing them from fulfilling their intended purpose of moving the water from our roofs away from our homes. Gutter cleaning involves getting a ladder and climbing up to the roof, a chore nowhere near as fun as raking and burning leaves, and one that involves certain dangers, as well.

Enter Leaf Guard Gutters Tacoma to the rescue… the small addition you can add to your existing gutters and thus eliminate forever the unpleasant chore of cleaning out wet and sodden leaves! Leaf guards work by covering the gutters, allowing rain to penetrate them and flow as designed through their designated path, directing the flow of water way from your home. Leaves, however, are prevented from becoming trapped in the gutters. Sometimes they might rest temporarily on the gutter’s guard, but because they don’t become embedded inside the gutter, they eventually dry out and blow off. Only rain enters guarded gutters. Sticks, insects, leaves, etc. simply keep on getting it.

So, what is the result of using Leaf Guards Gutters Tacoma? One, your gutters function properly and last longer, without the presence of unwanted invaders. Two, you work less! You no longer have to drag out ladders and mount to precarious heights just to insure the health of your gutters. Your gutter guards make it so that you no longer have to take on this unpleasant job, leaving you free to make all of your autumnal leaf memories the sort that you’re more likely to enjoy.

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