Stay Ahead of Problems With Commercial AC Maintenance Dayton OH

Staying cool in the heat is especially important if you run a business operation. Customers will stay longer and add more to the sales if they are comfortable in an establishment. Regularly scheduled commercial AC maintenance in Dayton OH can assist with keeping the air conditioning system running at peak performance so it’s always working when it’s needed.

Maintain the System

Commercial air conditioning and heating systems run more than the average home unit. With so much stress continually being placed on the compressor and other components, it’s important to have maintenance done on a regular schedule. This can help to catch problems early on, before the system encounters a major breakdown.

Small Issues Can Rapidly Spiral

A minor problem can quickly escalate into a larger one if it isn’t caught early on, so routine inspections can  detect small issues before they become major ones. Something as simple as a refrigerant leak or dirty coils can keep the AC system from operating efficiently and cause unnecessary wear and tear on other components. When one part isn’t working up to par, it can stress out other parts and ultimately result in a major system failure.

Visual Inspection

Visually inspecting the air conditioning system can aid in keeping ahead of possible problems. Oily or greasy spots can indicate a refrigerant leak, and ice on the evaporator coils may mean that the air flow is restricted. Changing the filter when it’s dirty can increase the air flow and allow for even cooling throughout.

Size Matters

Besides performing routine commercial AC maintenance in Dayton OH, it’s also important to have the correct size system for the space it will be cooling. A unit that is undersized will not operate efficiently and may be subject to more frequent breakdowns. If the need arises for a new system to be installed, a professional technician can measure the space to ensure that it’s the proper size for the square footage, which will keep the system operating longer and much more efficiently.

Operating a business is more than just serving the customers. It also means managing the day to day operations, which includes maintaining a balanced temperature throughout the building for both the customers and staff. For tips and help regarding staying cool in the workplace please browse our website.

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