Stabilize An Outdoor Space With Retaining Walls

Not all lots are flat and stable. Some homes are built on sloping land. The hill can be above the building or below it. If nothing is done to level and stabilize the lot, rain runoff can wash away dirt and landscape materials. Or, a hill above the home can deposit dirt and rocks in places they are not wanted. The only solution to these problems is to build retaining walls. Retaining walls in Brookfield WI can be built of cement, stone, or paving blocks.

Retaining Wall Construction and Design

Retaining walls hold dirt and rocks in place and, to do that, they must be built for strength. Retaining walls must have drainage built in. Retaining walls are often built as part of a larger landscape design project. Large equipment is used to level the yard. Then, footings are dug and poured as a base for the retaining wall. Once the wall is completed, it will be back-filled with dirt. On steeper hills, the lot might be terraced, with several levels kept in place by multiple retaining walls. The different levels can be planted with landscape materials such as flowers, ground covers, and shrubs.

Retaining walls in Brookfield WI can also be built on lots that are above street level or that slant downhill to the street. In this case, the retaining wall keeps the dirt from being washed down onto the sidewalk. That allows dirt fill to be added to level the slanting lawn. Some of these lots can also benefit from having a terraced effect with attractive plantings. Well-designed and built retaining walls help homeowners turn problem lots into beautiful landscapes.

Patios and Decks

Once a lot is leveled and stabilized, outdoor living spaces are possible. Decks, patios, and outdoor kitchens can be built and enjoyed. Outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, pergolas, and aquascapes can be added. When hardscape features are combined with flower beds and lawn areas, a beautiful outdoor living space is possible. In the warm months, it is really enjoyable to spend leisure time outdoors with family and friends. Some homeowners prefer sunrooms and screened porches to decks and patios. Check out for additional options and information.

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