Specialty Coatings? What Are They And What Do They Do?

by | Apr 28, 2017 | Business

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Some companies realize their components can get by on generic or off-the-shelf coatings. Others have specific needs. They require specialty coatings. This is the only way an industry can ensure the product they deliver to their customers satisfies the specifications of agencies and the demands of the consumer.

What Is a Specialty Coating?

A specialty coating is an answer to problems that other coatings cannot address. It is a specific type of coating prepared in order to solve a potentially serious issue. A specialty coating is a powder, liquid, metal or another form of substrate protective mechanism prepared in order to meet the specifications of the following concerned parties or characteristics:

 * The Customer
 * The Functioning Environment
 * The Substrate and Coating Metal
 * The Government and Other Agencies

A specialty coating differs from generic coatings in its unique and specialized formulation for a specific application.

What Does a Specialty Coating Do?

Finishing companies design specialty coatings for one of two purposes: functional and/or aesthetic. In general, such coatings fall into one of the three categories

1. Protective
2. Anti-fouling
3. Corrosion (anti-rust and chemical) resistant

However, these coatings may also provide the substrate metal with a protective surface that features non-sticking characteristics. The initial choice always begins with the requests and specifications of the customer. Overall, a specialty coating provides some form of enhancement while improving the longevity or functionality of the component.

Specialty Coatings

Different markets will require dissimilar qualities for the coatings of their components. While some within a set market may be satisfied with a generic type of coating application, others will not. Many industries will also diverge. Oil and gas, for example, will not require the same type of protection as the aerospace or military industrial concerns. The demand will result in turning to companies that will provide them with unique and advantageous options. This is where finishing companies who understand the benefits and specifications of specialty coatings succeed.

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