Specialized Refrigeration Ball Valve Applications

by | Aug 9, 2018 | manufacturing

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In the food and beverage industry, using the correct parts is important. By choosing specially designed and manufactured refrigeration ball valve models, issues with liquids becoming trapped in the valve and freezing will not be an issue. Without these specialized types of valves, the liquids trapped in the valve will freeze and expand, resulting in damage to the valve that prohibits operation and complete shut off of the valve.

In addition, the refrigeration ball valve is designed to stand up to heat as well as high pressure through the system. They can be made from a variety of materials, while the PVC, polypropylene, and nylon valves are used across a wide range of applications, metal valves may also be used. Filled polypropylene materials are used for the manufacturing of these valves when corrosion and chemical damage is a factor with the liquids in the system.

Ease of Installation

To easily install in any type of system, there are a variety of different configurations and end options for these valves. This allows for the valve to match up to lines and equipment as needed throughout the system.

Some of the common types end options on these ball valves include push to connect, tapered barb, smooth barb or BIB end as well as male and female NPT (National Pipe Tapered) thread.

What To Know

Before ordering and installing a refrigeration ball valve in a system, there are several essential factors to know. The maximum operating pressure in the system is critical, as spikes in pressure above the valve maximum can result in valve leaks and failure. Additionally, the maximum operating temperature needs to be considered for the same reasons.

Never use the average temperature and pressure of the system when choosing a ball valve. Instead, always choose valves rated above the maximum temperate and pressure for the longest life cycle of the component.

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