Some Of The Causes Of Roof Damage

by | Oct 29, 2015 | Roofing

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Of everything that goes into building a home, by far the most important is the roof. It may not be desirable but it is possible to live with a leaking basement or a broken window, if the roof leaks you are looking at the potential of serious damage. Contractors that do Aurora IL roof repairs have seen everything that can possibly happen to a roof and based on their experiences the following are the main reasons why roofs can be damaged.

Poor construction: Although things are looking up, over the last few years the US construction industry has been going through hard times. To keep going many home builders have had to cut a few corners to get jobs. When it comes to roofing it is possible to use sub standard material and use unskilled contract labor. It is a known fact that four ply roof felt is the standard however, it is not rare to see some builders using two ply. It does not take long for the roof to leak when standards are not maintained.

Normal aging: A roof starts to age on the day the roofing team drive the last nail. The most popular roofing material by far is asphalt shingles; they are usually warranted to last twenty years. The shingles may have a long warranty but that does not mean that Aurora IL roof repairs will not be needed before the warranty period is up. Weather is the roofs enemy; it can do a great deal of damage to a roof. As the temperature changes from one season to another, the roof contracts and expands, as the roofing material ages and loses its initial pliability, this little movement is enough to cause a leak.

Building settles: It is not a matter of if; it is a matter of how much a building will settle. Some buildings settle far more than others, it depends a lot on the soil the foundations sit on. If the house is constructed on reclaimed land there can be significant settling, as this happens there is no way to accurately predict what the roof structure will do, in many cases it develops a leak.

Mechanical damage: A roof is something that gets no pedestrian traffic so how could it be damaged mechanically? Many people mount equipment on the roof of their homes; ham radio antennas, air conditioning units are two common things that are on the roof. With the additional weight and stress a leak can occur.

Regardless of why you might need Aurora IL roof repairs one thing is for sure, you will only want the best roofers to do the work. If you need repairs done to your roof you are invited to get in touch with Showalter Roofing Service, Inc.

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